Service Process And Return Policy

Step 1: Customers visit the website. At the home page, customers choose the services they need to use. The hotel website has detailed details about the services that can be provided to customers
Step 2: Contact the hotel directly at the hotel's phone number or email the reservation to the email address according to the information on the Website.
Step 3. The hotel confirms the guest's booking and submits a payment request.
Please provide identification (valid ID card, passport & immigration visa) at the front desk when checking in.
Check-in time is 14:00 and check-out time is 12:00. Guests can contact the front desk staff to request after-hours check-out.
Guests must stay in the same room as registered, if they need to change rooms, please contact the front desk. It is not allowed to share a room without registering at the Reception.
For safety and security reasons, please note that visitors or unregistered guests are not allowed to stay in the lounge after 8 PM. Visitors are kindly requested to leave identification documents at the Front Desk according to regulations.
Pets, weapons, prohibited goods, and flammable substances are not allowed into the hotel room.
Please do not bring food, fruit that is smelly and easy to stain (durian, jackfruit, mangosteen ...) into the hotel. You can request that the baggage section will be stored at the depot.
Please do not cook in the room.
Gambling, smuggling and prostitution are strictly prohibited.
Do not move items and furniture in the room to other rooms.
Please do not make noise after 22:00.
The hotel reserves the right to refuse service to objects showing signs of infectious disease or causing inconvenience to other guests in the hotel.
The room is equipped with a safe to keep money and valuables. Otherwise, you can deposit all your valuables in the safe at the front desk. The hotel will not be responsible for the loss of money or property.
Guests staying are responsible for and compensate for damage, loss of equipment in the room according to regulations.
10% VAT and 5% service charge will be charged in the services.
- The cancellation deadline for individual guests is 07 days before the date of arrival without cancellation fee.
- In case the guest does not come to check in, the room fee of the whole booking will be charged.
In case guests want to change rooms, there will be an additional change fee depending on the type of room.

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